In this issue no.1 appearance is if we have a spot on our faces.
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would seem to be bete banget emosikan, indeed this will always be dealing with acne can strike at any moment, especially for teens who are still very warm identical, the warm ....

Acne (English: acne) is an abnormal condition of the skin due to excessive noise production of oil glands that usually attacks the face that always has the power to sensitive .. (sebaceous gland) which always causes blockage in the channel and the hair follicle in the skin pores. In this area is prone to acne on the face, chest, neck, back and buttocks and upper body arms.

Inflammation of the skin occurs when the oil glands produce skin oil (sebum), causing excessive blockage of oil glands in the channel and the formation of blackheads (whiteheads) and seborhoea. If the obstruction dilate, blackheads open (blackheads) appears so that interaction with acne bacteria.

Acne is classified mild if the form is still blackheads with the number of lesions less than 30. If the number of lesions ranged from 30-125 so called acne is (papule). Big pimple called nodules or cysts occur when lesions on the 125.

The emergence of acne often occurs during puberty between 14-19 years of age caused by hormonal changes in teenagers. Acne since early detection is difficult because before puberty will experience a child's skin peeling three weeks. Meanwhile, when the teenager, the skin peeling off every four weeks.

The results showed as much as 85% of the population has acne at age 12-25 years, 15% of the population experience it until the age of 25 years. If not handled properly, acne problems can be settled until the age of 40 years.

In addition to causing acne scars, its main effect is the soul of a person, such as a crisis of confidence or insecure and depressed.

Components of self-concept that is often disturbed by the rise in teenage acne is an image of yourself (body image) and self-esteem, which in adolescence, the physical focus of the individual against more prominent than other life periods. Body shape is part of the picture itself, the teenage acne cause changes in body shape of these teens that will have an impact on interactions or social relations environment, where teens become insecure and feel confident that will lead to low self-esteem.

However, not all the teenagers who are active-active acne whose names will be susceptible to interference in the concept of self, this can be caused because there are factors

among other things::

* Education

* Job,

* Knowledge / information obtained from media such as television, magazines.

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