how to prevent and act of acne

Here is an easy way to avoid acne::::

1. if we go out and megendarai motorcycle, you should wear a mask in order to be protected.
2. do not be too close to the sun.
3. always use a moisturizer at the time wanted to leave the house
4. consuming less oil-containing foods, such as fried foods, etc.
5. do not be too much to eat eggs, peanuts, because it can medatangkan pimples on your face.

remove tips acne:

way: take 1 clove of Aloe vera in the yard around your house,
Just cut the skin, and reserving the meat, then rubbed into your face, let sit smapai dry, then wash your face.
2. soap that could remove acne in stores nearest you, make sure the products you buy matches your skin type.
3. there was one strange thing, if you have an emerging pimple, try using toothpaste in the bathroom and grab a bit and rub on the pimple on your face ..

so the things that I report to you all.
hopefully useful yes
thanks .......

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