Causes of acne

Causes of acne

The real cause why a person has acne and others do not have still not completely known. Some of the factors that cause acne are:

* Stress
* The descendants of parent
* Hormone activity: One of the important factors that causes acne is the increased production of the hormone testosterone, which is owned by a body of men and women. The hormone testosterone found in male and female body acne triggered by stimulating the oil glands (sebaceous gland) to produce skin oil (sebum) is excessive.
* Hyperactive oil glands
* Bacteria in the pores of the skin
* Skin irritation or scratching
* Anabolic steroids
* The birth control pill / birth control pills, but many women experienced a decline during the emergence of acne pills
* Being in an environment with high levels of chlorine, particularly chlorinated dioxins, which cause serious acne called Chloracne

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